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Health Palm

by Spowder

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space power over-watch destroy evil rats
Miracle Grow 02:54
MIRACLE GROW if you want your plants to grow still have the backhead thought of going under you must let your mind implode let your plant life nourish in the thunder dip the plants in miracle grow preparing for the garden to deliver sprouting from the soil mold plant life will just flourish in the sunshine in the sunshine miracle grow i love you spray my face make your place coat your lips in vaseline preparing for the forest that will grow there the future you will for see a tree of a man is sitting in an armchair you must take your plants inside save them from the ever-dreaded wither behind the trees your body hides you wont last a second in the ripper  in the ripper
Pulp 03:03
creatures and ants that crawl through the grass have a very distinctive smell  it makes me want to crawl into my big protective shell  i’ll search the grass and take the ants and put them into my drinking cup   but then i’ll choke on all the pulp and it’ll make me throw them up  shoo away you dirty dog stop ruining my lunch  i will put my hand to you and make you smell the scunch  one foot step onto the necks of the ants that did me wrong  but they don’t know that all the pulp has made me strong  little liar filthy ant  crawling through the wretched hand  take a sip the holy grail push you in the water pail  crying thru the mighty wind  frantically repent your sin  just an insect high on hope  swimming through the tides of pulp
from deep down south lived the man with two mouths and ate two bowls of pork fried oats he spent his time drinking the wine it came out clear and so did beer he cant speak with two mouths he's got one wide open and it’s screaming out running down the lips of the mimic talker double man double mouth double walker crying down the tears from lonely house stumbled into the man with two mouths
Faye 00:10
let’s skin ruby  she’ll hang head down i want to see her organs in her blood i’ll drown let’s skin ruby  black market organs process dark meat for skin rack storage let’s make ruby into a tasteful floor mat what’s the taste was let’s not do that wake up sleeping feel like a baby got no ideas let’s skin ruby
glaze glaze drop turn your head coat let shed time goes fly skin awry pastry changer break through the paper coating the last phase we got donuts  coffee bonus through the shine or rain pastry changer break through the paper final coat of glaze
Health Palm 04:08
saw a way to get by crawled inside a hole in the ground he took my lonely soul so we could never be alone health has gone his way down the hole he came health palm don’t like people knocking saves them anyway palm the size of face palm the size of face okay health he handled pools of snake hung their heads on wooden stake he’ll need a snack sneak attack need a snack sneak attack need a snack sneak attack watch your back to feed his stomach and his brain


palm the size of face


released April 20, 2017

Professionally recorded and mixed by Nick Dooley in Vergennes, VT
Mastered by Carl Saff in Chicago, IL

Spowder is Jenna, Gillian, Declan and Jaime


all rights reserved



Spowder New Brunswick, New Jersey

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